Ban Secrecy: A Few Different helpful Places to Start In the Process of Ending the Cycle

In this book neuroscientist and researcher William Struthers explains how pornography affects the male brain and what we can do about it. Because we are embodied beings, viewing pornography changes how the brain works, how we form memories and make attachments.

Wired for intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Human Brain
William Struthers,

The idea of banning internet porn completely in an entire country, while it may seem like a radical jump from a vast liberating freedom into an overly strict and forced possible violation of what might seem to be a privilege that may actually be getting taken for granted.

With modern technology being on the rise since the late 20th century exploding into common household items such as cell phones, tablets, and computers; the adult entertainment industry has grown tremendously along with it, going from simple magazines, playing cards, and postcards with pinup girls and centerfolds to a hardcore sexual phenomenon known as pornography.

Along with the intimate and erotically aroused consenting adults who might casually partake with moderation, comes the future leaders and young adults coming of age, that today are sparked into a feverishly uncensored mind decadence that has been studied by neuroscientists, also mentioned in Wired for intimacy, by William Struthers, where he starts off explaining how the human brain is full of chemicals called neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine and epinephrine, to give one example that are used in the brain and body to alleviate stress and trigger the fight or flight response in order to naturally and appropriately adjust to the current situation.

These neurotransmitters that deal with pleasure and other cognitive functions in the brain are actually damaged simply by watching pornography, especially when done habitually over time.

This book is full of plenty of useful scientific research findings such as wide scale polls taken by por so graphs users that are available to purchase by the public, being great resources for self-education and great for those that still suffer with the web-intranet pornography addiction cycle.

Another great book available to purchase usually available online is Cutting It Off: Breaking Porn Addiction and How to Quit for Good by J.S. Park.

This book adds more of a morality, spiritual, and almost philosophical point of view on the issue mentioning ideas such as whether or not it is actually a sin, going into detail giving one idea, that it almost depends on how you look at the issue; and if for example, the partaking in viewing the pornography might be viewed as a less harmful offense, or sin done almost in the position of replacing a possible heavier, more fouls sin, or offense; kind of making it viewed as if things could have been worse, in order to maybe lighten up the guilt load off the pornography viewer.

Another great recourse for anyone who mifht struggle with the issue or just interested in some of the opposing disagreements with either the cause, effect, or just has a dissonance with pornography in general; would be an semi-underground online version of this book on a popular rise about in social media gatherings such as Reddit called the Easy Peasy Method.

While this book doesn’t have an actual name as the author, it goes by the pseudonym as the Hackauthor2. This book gives the audience a free version available online for anyone to use giving encouragement, tips, and advice throughout on giving up the addiction and moving on.

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